Optimus is made up of a team of young professionals who specialise in the field of general spreading and institutional communication directed by heads of department with between 10 and 20 years experience in communication, marketing, events management, audiovisual production, museography, theme parks, multimedia, engineering and programming as well as interior, industrial and graphic design.

We are a horizontal organization and we are flexible in all aspects that help to promote creativity, working side by side and responding with absolute commitment to creative and the execution quality of each project.


The Optimus Team

• Emilio Medina Abenoza, General Director [+]
• Miquel Montfort Guasch, Creative Director[+]
• José Miguel de Pedro Íñigo, Technical Director [+]
• Javier Sagarra, Art Director [+]
• Javier Amézola, Operations Director
• Nico Juárez, Multimedia Director
• Daniel Nassar, Architecture Director [+]
• David Giralt Lorenz, Industrial Design [+]
• Biani López Antúnez, Project Manager (Latin America) [+]
• Dominique Litmaath, Director of National Accounts (USA) [+]
• Vanessa Balart, Personal Assistant to General
• Margarita Martínez, Administration
• Lucía Peralta, Documentalist
• Yvonne Amat, Accounts Executive
• Joan Gené, Production
• Àngels Clos, Audiovisual Production
• Gemma Adell, Script-writer
• Mercè Botey, Graphic Design
• Patricia Villalba, Contabilidad
• Sara Lago, Engineering
• Roger Esplugas, Engineering
• Lluís Badosa, Audiovisual/Multimedia Programming
• Marcos Vidal, Multimedia/Web Programming
• Plácido Romero, Art Department